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Monday, February 10, 2014

Packages From HOME!

Sent with love!! One month in and already "goodie packages"!! My mom and brother sent me little treats and some much needed trinkets!

I was in dire need of shoe sole inserts as my feet were surely not prepared for the walking they needed to do everyday on these cobblestone sidewalks. Blisters the size of quarters were my reward for exploring the city, haha! They're doing much better and everyday I make it a point to see something new!

Lots of American items aren't very popular here. For example, I was for whatever reason, craving popcorn..and I couldn't find it! Once I did, it wasn't like the taste from home. So my mom snuck one pack in with the rest of the trinkets! Thanks Mom, haha!! I also seemed to have packed everything in my luggage except the essential trend setter- boots! So a pair of those also made their way into Spain for me!

Can't forget about Valentine's Day fast approaching! She even sent me a Valentine's card with a hand crocheted heart and stuffed puppy. I couldn't help but miss home a bit more on these days and feel closer at the same time. Thanks you guys for all the yummies and trinkets! <3

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