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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Excursion to Girona & Figueres, Spain


In Girona, there is so much history and some of the most colorful buildings and alleys I've ever seen! Most of the streets were made of actual rocks and over time moss grew in between them. It's quite amazing! The cathedrals and legends there will definitely keep you entranced.

The legend says that whoever wants to be a good citizen in Girona and never leave town, or if one has to leave and come back again, you need to kiss the lioness butt. Guess I have to come back to Girona!!!

Then traveled to Figueres, Spain- about 20 minutes from the French border to see something that has always been on my bucket list...The Salvador Dalí Museum! It not only houses his original works, but Dalí himself created the museum!

One of the things Dalí did that is so intriguing is that there are no tours allowed. He wanted each person that came to have their own interpretation of his artworks. They ranged from melted clocks, whole rooms that made different faces, paintings of people made out of stone to even a piece that the further away you looked- turned into Abraham Lincoln.

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