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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Excursion to Girona & Figueres, Spain


In Girona, there is so much history and some of the most colorful buildings and alleys I've ever seen! Most of the streets were made of actual rocks and over time moss grew in between them. It's quite amazing! The cathedrals and legends there will definitely keep you entranced.

The legend says that whoever wants to be a good citizen in Girona and never leave town, or if one has to leave and come back again, you need to kiss the lioness butt. Guess I have to come back to Girona!!!

Then traveled to Figueres, Spain- about 20 minutes from the French border to see something that has always been on my bucket list...The Salvador Dalí Museum! It not only houses his original works, but Dalí himself created the museum!

One of the things Dalí did that is so intriguing is that there are no tours allowed. He wanted each person that came to have their own interpretation of his artworks. They ranged from melted clocks, whole rooms that made different faces, paintings of people made out of stone to even a piece that the further away you looked- turned into Abraham Lincoln.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

La Comida (The Food)

One of the many things I have noticed being here so far, is that food is something to savor. No one has food or beverages, such as coffee on the go. I actually admire it! It's nice to sit down and enjoy the morning espresso and croissant or maybe even some helado (ice cream) in the afternoon. I feel that every bite gets enjoyed more because you take the time to enjoy it. Food here isn't about who can eat the fastest or about when you have to be across town... it's about not letting time control you and especially, relaxing in good company.

I went to a sandwich place called Bo De B (Boe-Deh-Bee) today, was probably the best place to get a sandwich in the entire world! I got a hamburger (served in Spain without the bun) and 'patatas bravas'. This small store plated the dish as if I was in a 5-Star restaurant on the Vegas Strip, and for only 7! Of course, I couldn't help but notice all the sandwiches leaving- absolutely filled to the brim with the freshest veggies in town and hand seasoned meat on a freshly made baguette. Definitely a store I will frequent many times in the next 4 months!! The Coke can was pretty nifty too!

Another highlight of the day- I tried my very first macarons! Let me just say..it was pure confection-y goodnessness! There were so many options, but I finally chose Coffee and Passion Fruit- had to try the best of both worlds! Very scrumptious! :)

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Metro- BCN

With such a bustling city, how does everyone get around? The Metro, of course! It's an underground railway system that runs under the entire city. There are several 'line colors'- yellow, red, green, purple (my line home), etc. The colors signify the certain route it takes. To get on and off the metro train you press a green button that is on the inside/outside of the door when it lights up. 

When I first arrived to Barcelona, it was a bit intimidating to say the least to try to figure out how everything worked!! But after roughly a week- I'd say I'm a pro... I guess I shouldn't mention that I got on the wrong train today, haha! What I love about my metro stop- Monumental, is that everyday I get to see the tip tops of La Sagrada Família! It's truly the simple things here that I'm going to miss so much when I leave. 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

La Sagrada Família

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away." 

I knew I loved the work of Antoni Gaudi..but I could have never been prepared to see his most prized work- La Sagrada Família! Nothing short of amazing with the colorful stained glass mosaics, columns that branch off like trees towards the ceiling and exquisite detail in every sculpture! He actually molded the animals out of living animals after they had been temporarily anesthetized, just to capture every possible detail. They estimate that the construction will be done in the year 2026, some doubt it will be done by then because they still have so much to add! Just three years ago, it didn't have a roof! It constantly changes everyday, except Sundays- which is for 'Siestas' (rest). Those are my favorite days! Haha. But in all honesty, I truly felt my breath get taken away several times during my visit, chills with how mesmerizing every blink was.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Escuela (School)

 The first day of class one of my professors gave us this quote: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” ― Neale Donald Walsch. He also taught us that Barcelona in the Catalan language is translated as Bar (bar)- Cel (sky)- Ona (wave) and said "what a beautiful name for a city"..I couldn't help but think the exact same thing.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

La Pedrera | Casa Milà

One of the most stunning buildings in all the world- La Pedrera! Built by one of my favorite architects- Antoni Gaudí. He used many different aspects for inspiration- pine cones, nautilus shells, a python skeleton, ears of corn, branches and much more. For the cabinet and door knobs he molded them by grabbing onto clay with his hands for a more natural feel. He was truly ahead in his time of understanding how light worked- larger windows for more light on the lower levels. With him, everything had a purpose.

With every blink..I feel I am falling head over heels with this city!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Day One- Complete!

 HOLA!! Finalmente Espana! Made it to Barcelona! It was a rough few hours but made it through with my head held high! I'll be getting my lost luggage very soon- hopefully tomorrow! ISA (International Study Abroad) did a Gothic Tour with us today, which was nothing short of amazing!! The architecture is unbelievable in person! Well I have been up since 1/8 around 4am and it is now 1/9 11pm Michigan time..so pretty exhausted. Will post more pics later :)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Winter Storm Ion

Well well well...wasn't expecting snowpocalypse of the century- 16.2 inches of snow in Flint, MI, which was record breaking! Looks like a ton of people got snowed in along the Northeast line! I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed, but thankfully (after a few more cancelled flights) I will be in Barcelona no later than early Friday morning! Guess it gives me a little more time to pack, ahem ahem. Lol, girls are notorious for wanting to over-pack! A few extra shoes, purses and a few more makeup items won't hurt right? Haha.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Oh boy!!!

Getting really nervous- 3 days left in my comfy US bed!!! I booked my first ever "Yotel" in the Heathrow London airport yesterday, which is also the 3rd busiest airport in the WORLD!!!! The Yotel is a mini cubical that is just big enough for a bed, shower and toilet. It looks really cool though- for those of you who have seen "The Fifth Element" with Bruce Willis is what it reminds me of! 

I got myself some British Pounds and Euros from my local bank today- Monopoly money if you didn't know any better! Very colorful! And very similar to how the Mexican Peso looks. I'm sure in for one heck of a ride during these next 4 months! The journey will be amazing I'm certain! 

Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer... :)