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Thursday, January 23, 2014

La Comida (The Food)

One of the many things I have noticed being here so far, is that food is something to savor. No one has food or beverages, such as coffee on the go. I actually admire it! It's nice to sit down and enjoy the morning espresso and croissant or maybe even some helado (ice cream) in the afternoon. I feel that every bite gets enjoyed more because you take the time to enjoy it. Food here isn't about who can eat the fastest or about when you have to be across town... it's about not letting time control you and especially, relaxing in good company.

I went to a sandwich place called Bo De B (Boe-Deh-Bee) today, was probably the best place to get a sandwich in the entire world! I got a hamburger (served in Spain without the bun) and 'patatas bravas'. This small store plated the dish as if I was in a 5-Star restaurant on the Vegas Strip, and for only 7! Of course, I couldn't help but notice all the sandwiches leaving- absolutely filled to the brim with the freshest veggies in town and hand seasoned meat on a freshly made baguette. Definitely a store I will frequent many times in the next 4 months!! The Coke can was pretty nifty too!

Another highlight of the day- I tried my very first macarons! Let me just say..it was pure confection-y goodnessness! There were so many options, but I finally chose Coffee and Passion Fruit- had to try the best of both worlds! Very scrumptious! :)

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